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About Jubilee Fine Art

In the mid 70's I lived in Florence, Italy for two years. The experience of living in the former center of the Italian Renaissance, in which the entire center of town is an extended museum is difficult to describe. I did not know that this period of time would be a kind of incubation of my future occupation.

My art collection as a business model grew from my attraction and exposure to art and especially works created by African American artists. Many of these artists were exhibited in a small semi publicly funded gallery in Hartford, Connecticut known as The Craftery Gallery. Artists were invited to give talks about their work. The intimacy created in these talks between artist and spectator/patron was inspirational and led me to begin purchasing art.

I believe that most artwork has a sacred or spiritual component that accompanies the work.  We are all temporary caretakers of this art. Developing an art collection should be measured not by the appreciating value of the work, but by the happiness and reflection that is bestowed upon the viewer.


Bill Katz

Benny Andrews   Romare Bearden   John Biggers   Donald Boudreaux   Elizabeth Catlett
Jacob Lawrence   Norman Lewis   Nefertiti   Jesus Cardona   Jesus Gonzalez Colon   Osvaldo de Jesus Cruz  
Miguel Martinez Geigel   Anna Nicholson  Charles Ethan Porter